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Below we’ve provided a bit of background on V-ID. If you have any other questions, please get in touch directly with our team using the contact form .

What is V-ID?

V-ID is a verification service that allows you to validate and verify documents through the blockchain in real-time.

What is blockchain?
The blockchain is an open, global ledger that records transactions. At its heart is a distributed data store. Anyone who participates in the blockchain network has their own data store that stores all of the transactions that ever happened on the network.
Entries are stored within a cryptographic chain of blocks. At every stage, the network of participants must agree about the latest block of transactions. Agreement is reached through a process of majority consensus, eliminating duplicate entries, double spending etc. This process and the cryptographic layering of the blocks makes the agreed blockchain irreversible and immutable. The ‘history’ of events within the blockchain cannot be modified by any one of the participants.

Is V-ID secure enough?
The blockchains used by V-ID are secured by a network of thousands of computers. Each one of these computers commits its computational power to make these databases secure and immutable. This is the most powerful computer network in the world.

Are our documents safe if our company should use V-ID?
None of V-ID's processes around validation or verification involve uploading or storing your organisation's files. We never publish raw data or plain text to a blockchain: We use unique identifiers (hashes) in order not to reveal the original data.

Since hashes are one-way cryptographic algorithms, you can still prove that a hash relates to your data, but nobody will ever be able to obtain your data by only having its hash.

What if your service doesn’t exist in 10 years?
This would only affect the validation of new documents. For the verification of already validated documents is not needed.

Where can I learn more?
V-ID welcomes new partners. We are always looking to grow the network and provide more coverage for our users. If you would like to learn more about becoming a partner, please tell us more about yourself.

What can we expect from V-ID in the near future?
V-ID aims to become the trusted third party source for securing and verifying documents.

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V-ID allows organizations to validate their documents in the blockchain.
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