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The Vision

Blockchain powered validation
V-ID uses blockchain technology to end all document fraud. The V-ID validation service allows organizations to validate the identity of their documents in a worldwide decentralized blockchain. Those documents can then be verified, so recipients know that the content of the document is unaltered and exactly as originally published. 

Why is this useful?
With V-ID, it is impossible to alter the content of any digital file, without losing the verified status of the file.

How does it work?
An organization that issues, for example, certificates in PDF format to its students, can validate these documents with V-ID. Once validated, the documents can freely be copied, distributed and renamed, while still keeping their verified status.   

Anyone can verify the file at, and V-ID will confirm its identity and origin, and guarantees that the content is exactly the same as the originally published document.

If the content of the file has been altered in any way, V-ID will determine the file as unverified.
What makes V-ID possible?
V-ID provides blockchain-powered, on-demand, secure verification. V-ID uses the digital fingerprint of a document and locks it in a blockchain transaction that is then broadcast to thousands of servers across the planet in a decentralized manner. V-ID does not save a copy of a validated file and therefore easily complies with the GDPR guidelines. 

V-ID's goal is to enable individuals and organizations to safely share their own official cryptographically signed documents and prevent the distribution of wrongfully manipulated content.
Where can I learn more?
V-ID welcomes new partners. We are always looking to grow the network and provide more coverage for our users. If you would like to learn more about becoming a partner, please tell us more about yourself.

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