Operational use cases

V-ID’s validation technology can be applied in many different sectors, from industrial giants to a single notary’s office. The main drivers for choosing our validation service are: enabling easy verification of the integrity of documents, ensuring a fraud-proof business process from start to finish, notarizing documents and managing access controls and clearance levels.
Enabling easy verification

Any educational program can issue diplomas or certificates to their students in PDF format.
The PDFs are validated by V-ID, so students can freely email them to prospective employers.

The recipients can be 100% sure that the diplomas are authentic, as they can check the file’s integrity with any internet browser in 5 seconds.


Notarization is a fraud-deterrent process that assures the parties that a document is authentic and can be trusted.

V-ID is used by lawyers and notaries to support the recording of legal documents in a more (cost)-efficient way.

Notarization does not always require a notary, as
V-ID’s blockchain powered validation can act as the third party that takes care of vetting, certifying and record-keeping.

Process validation

V-ID can be used for any digital file, not just PDF’s. This includes data like security footage, photo’s, tracking data, audit trails, research results, or even complete databases. 

For customers like Airbus, Krohne and Vitrumnet,
V-ID acts as the final layer of quality control.

The main reason for implementing V-ID here is to have a fully validated process in place,
so all valuable assets and datapoints are immmune to manipulation or costly errors.