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In order to make documents verifiable, they must first be validated. The publishing organization is the party that validates their documents, and the recipients and users of the documents are the ones who can verify them.

The validation process involves submitting the files at the V-ID validation terminal. 

V-ID offers 3 levels of validation security.

  • Level 1 is for self-validation by any publishing party, after being vetted by V-ID. Self-validation is available now at In the near future, self-validation will also be available through secure API's.
  • Level 2 is validation (in bulk) on location, by certified V-ID agents.
  • Level 3 complements level 2 by a V-ID certified notary to oversee the process.

Once validated, the documents can freely be distributed, copied and renamed, while still keeping their verified status. Please note, V-ID does not need to save copies of the files anywhere, just their digital fingerprints.

The process is easily GDPR compliant and the fingerprints are protected by a powerful network of thousands of computers, distributed globally.

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V-ID allows organizations to validate their documents in the blockchain.
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